Dr Sasha Garwood



I’ve been a writer since I first produced an illustrated story about rabbits for my mother aged four, and an academic since I discovered books were much more fun than real work about six months later. An interdisciplinary scholar with an English Literature background and social history expertise, I work on historically situated cultural representations of food, sex and the body with particular attention to ideologies of gender, power and sexuality. My recent PhD (and forthcoming book) focused on female self-starvation during the early modern period and its precise differentiation from the contemporary phenomenon of eating disorders, the first cross-disciplinary study of its kind. I’m currently teaching both English and History, finishing the draft of Early Modern English Noblewomen and Self-Starvation: the Skull Beneath the Skin for Routledge, and working on a new project about women’s experiences of food and sexuality in asylums between 1849-1913.


My non-academic output has included a variety of professional copywriting, book reviews, variously personal blogs about sexuality, gender and the body in culture, a twenty-first century lexicon of flower language, a dystopian steampunk graphic novel, and various fiction and poetry projects.





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