Before joining the Foundation Arts team at the University of Nottingham in 2019, Sasha taught History at the University of Sheffield and English Literature at Nottingham.


On Foundation Arts, she teaches Language and Culture, Media and Visual Culture, and the Project. In English, she teaches the early modern period, the Restoration, the Gothic, and Literature & Popular Culture.


Selected Student Comments


• Amazing seminar tutor, always enthusiastic and happy to help - so approachable and has great love for the subject, makes me want to attend the seminars. Best seminar tutor so far, nothing but praise!


• Sasha is always enthusiastic in seminars and manages to make every text relatable and interesting, even Paradise Lost. Everyone who turns up, even if they were in a bad mood to begin with, leaves feeling like they understand the text and had an in-depth discussion of it. She is constantly talking to us and helping us to discuss things on our own, but also participates in our discussion which makes it feel like she really cares.


• I feel Comfortable and confident in her classes.


• Highly engaging and passionate about the subject.


• Sasha’s seminars are my favourite!


• Very engaging and easy to approach if I am struggling with something.


• Sasha is one of my new favourite people. After the praise I’d heard from friends who'd had Sasha as a seminar tutor in first year, I can now thoroughly second the love and join the following. I shamelessly refer you to part of my staff Oscar nomination: ‘Sasha made learning fun again. Her seminars have not only produced but go beyond the missed raw enthusiasm and close-knit community of the A-Level classroom. Sasha walked into a room of strangers as if we were all well-trodden friends.’ Never have I looked forward to a seminar as much (and it takes a lot for the highlight of my week to be the fifth consecutive hour I have on a Friday). I thought I had grown out of feeling the word ‘passion’; I’d just been sat in the wrong seminars. (Christ I hope this is anonymous.) Points for improvement: please don’t leave…


• Excellent teaching, really engaging and thought stimulating!


• Sasha is so enthusiastic. Her seminars are always thought provoking. She goes beyond the text and asks you to consider real life issues, and the conviction in which she delivers her seminars reminds me why I chose to study English.


• Sasha is one of the best tutors that I’ve had whilst at the university; it’s honestly been so enjoyable and such a pleasure to be taught by her


• Sasha’s seminars have been fantastic! She makes everyone feel at ease and included in discussion. Her evident academic expertise and enthusiastic teaching style have really encouraged my learning on the module. With consideration that Sasha is a visiting lecturer, as one of the best seminar tutors I’ve been taught by during my degree, I’d really encourage the University to try to keep her!


• Really kind and open person. Her seminars are always really interesting and provides me with wider understanding than you get from lectures.


• Sasha's sessions are really great- she facilitates discussion really well, offering really clear explanations for the things we don't quite understand. The handouts she's provided us with have been really useful, and the activities she comes up with for seminars are very interesting…She's also really devoted, encouraging us to email her and visit her during office hours (her assistance within which really is invaluable).